Where no drone has gone before.

The WARP9 is the ultimate freestyle competition and racing drone. WARP9 is battle-tested by the world’s most discerning pilots and is now available to the public in ready-to-fly and bind-and-fly variants.


Flown in the world’s top racing and freestyle competitions by the best pilots so you know you’re in good company when flying WARP9.


Any environment, anytime, WARP9 gives you the power to twist, turn, and tumble with the greatest of ease.


Fly with confidence. WARP9 is designed to take a beating and protect your valuable electronics with its carbon fiber chassis.

Stronger than steel.

We created WARP9 to not only endure the harshest conditions that freestyle flying and racing throw at you, but to win.

Angled to fit.

WARP9 has an integrated 15 degree race start tilt, ready to race at a moment’s notice. Practicing your starts is a thing of the past when you can pin the throttle and go!

Plug and go LEDs.

No soldering, no doubling your build time to conform to race regulations or show cool lighting patterns. Dazzle the world with 32 addressable RGB LEDs and show your true colors.

Extreme video.

WARP9’s speed and agility give you the confidence, power, and maneuverability to shoot the most amazing videos ever.

All around protection.

Protect it, don’t wreck it. Your LiPo is fully cased in carbon and metal, you won’t be puncturing cells or ejecting batteries in crashes. It’s here to stay.

A proven racer.

During the development of WARP9, Team UVify used it to compete in tournaments with great success, proving its capability.

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