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The world’s first smart racing drone

OOri is the drone for everyone. Easy to control, fun to fly, and most of all, fast. The latest addition to the UVify product line delivers the UVify experience in an entirely different form factor.

Power to the people

Performance-tweaked brushless UVify motors coupled with UVify sensor tech means you fly faster with confidence.OOri is the world’s fastest and most agile production micro drone.


Hold position

Integrated sensors means OOri holds its position with ease. Flatten the learning curve and fly carefree. Focus on your flying moves knowing that OOri’s ground proximity sensor has your back.

Flying colors

Push a button and OOri is any color you imagine. Know who your teammates are when racing with tweakable LEDs.

Lock-on, pop-off prop protector

Lock-on, pop-off prop protector. Lock on for prop protection. Pop off for power and agility! Save props when mastering new moves. Get props when showing your moves full on.


Palm pilot

Fits in your palm—fly circles around your friends, then wave goodbye when OOri leaves them floundering in its wake. Unmatched technological prowess in a micro drone.

Optimal size for racing

Sharing the DNA of UVify’s multiple-award winning Draco series of racing drones, OOri is best-in-class in every area that matters – speed, agility, technology, design and build quality.

Hold position!

Equipped with the powerful height-fixed system, OOri can hover accurately and steadily, promising you stabilized vision, and allowing you to seize the moment of the mountains and rivers whenever you feel inspired.

Ready to fly

OOri comes bundled with a controller and a screen. Unbox, power up, take off!


Charge your battery with a micro USB cable and enjoy your simulator in the palm of your hand.


OOri’s transmitter is equipped with a 5.8GHz analog receiver. Just turn on and take off!


OOri’s transmitter is has thumb sticks like your game gear. You will be a hero in the racing arena.

Quick-click smart battery

Thanks to the UVify single cell smart battery, Plug-free, wire-free, awkwardness-free, click in, turn on, and take off!

660mAh battery

Shell protected single cell battery with low voltage protection and plug-and-play style connector, your battery is protected until the last second of flight.

Charging station

UVify’s multiple battery charging station ensures that you always have the power to be airborne. OOri keeps flying while other drones are on the ground getting recharged.*


Technical information relating to OOri

Category Model OOri
AIRCRAFT Package dimensions TBC
Dimensions 94 x 94 mm
Weight (without Battery) 65g
Weight (with prop guards) 73g
Material Highly crash resistant polycarbonate plastic composition
Color Matte white finish (default), and various color
Max angular velocity 1000 degree / sec
Max pitch angle Unlimited
Max speed 22 m/sec
Max flight time 5 min (hovering), 2 min (full throttle forward flight)*
FPV SYSTEM Lens 1.8mm
Communication frequency 5.8 GHz 25mW
Video format Analog, NTSC/PAL
On screen display (OSD) 32-bit double buffered full graphics OSD with online configuration system
CHARGER Method USB 5V 2.4A max*
SMART BATTERY Net weight 17.4g
Rated capacity 600 mAh, 2.22 Wh*
Voltage 3.7V
Battery Type LiPo 1S
Discharge rate 20C (continuous), 40C (burst)
Feature Battery protection circuit
REMOTE CONTROLLER Compatible remote UVify 2.4GHz Controller
Antenna Linear wire antenna
MOTOR Type Direct drive 3-phase brushless DC motor
Stator size 0804
Power 25W (continuous)
Magnet High temperature neodymium arc magnets
Shaft 1.5mm steel shaft
Pole 9/12
SPEED CONTROLLER Power 6A continuous, 12A burst
Algorithm Square Wave Control
Active braking Yes
Max input voltage 1S LiPo capable
RECOMMENDED PROP Diameter 2.5 inches
Pitch 4.0 inches
Material Polycarbonate
Max thrust 90g
Mount Specially designed vibration isolation system
Interface SPI (32kHz)
LIGHTS Type Addressable RGB WS2812B Mini

* Subject to change before release.

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