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OOri is simple to fly, fast, and most of all, fun. OOri delivers the UVify experience in an entirely different form factor and is the world’s fastest smart FPV micro drone. OOri comes with everything you need to immediately get airborne right out of the box.


Anywhere, anytime, with anyone, OOri is ready to fly when you are. OOri is the UVify experience that everyone can enjoy thanks to its impressive array of features.

Beginner mode

Anyone can pick up and fly OOri straightway. The learning curve is now a line thanks to UVify.                  

Acro mode

For those who like show off their flying skills, simply press ab to experience the incredible agility of OOri.

Racing mode

Switch to racing mode and blow away the competition with the full power of OOri’s high-performance motors.


OOri’s bundled remote controller has an integrated screen which allows you to see what your OOri sees. It features an ergonomic design and makes flying OOri as easy as playing your favorite videogame.

OOri comes bundled with a controller that features an integrated color screen. OOri’s transmitter is equipped with a 5.8GHz video receiver. Turn on and take off!


Blisteringly fast performance from UVify’s specialized high-spec BLDC motors give your OOri the power to easily whoop other micro drones out of the air.

Small battery, big output

OOri’s Quick-Click battery has one of the industry’s highest discharge rates and power output for its size.

BLDC motors

Performance-tweaked UVify BLDC motors coupled with UVify sensor tech means you fly faster with confidence.


OOri is the world’s first micro FPV drone with integrated sensors, this mean it holds its position with ease. Flatten the learning curve and fly carefree.

IMU sensor

Precision was our main focus when developing OOri’s IMU. Constructed with a metal frame for maximum rigidity so it senses every detail when in motion.

Vision positioning

Equipped with UVify’s dynamic Vision Positioning System (VPS), OOri hovers accurately and steadily, promising you stabilized vision, and allowing you to fully transcend time and space.


Flips, spins, and other amazing aerobatics are done with the greatest of ease thanks to OOri’s design and engineering for performance.


OOri’s incredibly powerful propulsion system, solid build, and USB-chargeable 1S battery gives you the freedom to power up and fly anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

OOri bundle


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