Next-generation aerial robotics A.I. research platform.

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The UVify Draco-R is the world’s first aerial research platform designed for fast, lightweight, autonomous applications. Featuring PX4-powered flight control technology, Draco-R gives you the ability to transform your vision into reality. Unleash your creativity when developing next-generation applications for AI aerial robotics with Draco-R.


Draco-R is the platform of choice for some of the world’s prestigious organizations for cutting-edge AI drone development projects.

Supercharged performance

Blistering processing power plus blistering speeds and unmatched maneuverability equals peerless performance.                                                 

Developer friendly

Draco-R’s open architecture and state-of-the-art technologies help you deliver unrivalled results.                                                    

Integrated Jetson TX2 

True AI computing at the edge at incredible speeds, maneuverability, and agility offers limitless potential in redefining and expanding the edge to new domains.

Any application,

Any time, Anywhere.

With its modular design, open architecture, industry-leading power, performance, and processing capability, Draco-R is ready for any application anytime, any where.


With operating speeds of up to 110km/hour and a 1:5 thrust-to-weight ratio, Draco-R easily takes to the skies with only 20% throttle.


Sensible sensors

with room for more.

Draco-R comes equipped with an integrated LiDAR, optical flow positioning sensors, and room for an array of other sensors, including additional LiDAR, stereo camera, FPV camera, and more.

Integrated LiDAR-lite Sensor

Draco-R delivers distance and range data with great accuracy right out of the box.

Optical flow positioning sensor

Draco-R knows its position with extreme precision in GPS-denied environments.

Open architecture

With Draco-R’s open architecture, your application is limited only by your imagination.

GPS Antenna

Draco-R comes with a GPS antenna so you can operate in indoor and outdoor environments.

Jetson Computer TX2

True AI computing at the edge at incredible speeds, maneuverability, and agility offers limitless potential in redefining and expanding the edge to new domains.

Telemetry Antenna

Gather and monitor measurements and other critical data at remote and inaccessible points with Draco-R’s integrated telemetry antenna.

Communication module

Transmit and receive radio signals between multiple devices.

Gimbal Camera

Draco-R’s camera gimbal ensures that your images and videos are crystal clear.

Smart Battery

Draco-R’s Smart Battery measures voltage and current, and deduces charge level and SoH parameters. Communicates with a smart battery charger and smart energy users via its interface.

Sensor mount options

Room to mount your stereo camera Additional LiDAR, or any other sensor you desire.

Flight control technology.

UVify Flight Control Technology ensures stability for steady flights.

Swappable Module Arms for Maximum Flexibility.

With its rapid swap, wire-free arms, Draco-R is able to transform into different aircraft in minutes.

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