The epitome of brilliance.

IFO is the latest addition to the the UVify family of award-winning drones and is now available to the public with a drone as a service (DaaS) agreement. IFO is UVify’s high-performance choreography swarm designed to bring light-shows to the world.

IFO is the only ready-to-fly choreography light show drone available as a service.
Brilliantly bright LEDs give you the power to light up the sky with images from your mind’s eye.
UVify has democratized the choreography light show by making IFO available to everyone.

Brilliantly bright.

IFO’s super-powerful LEDs make your drone show creations outshine the competition.

Get the show on the road.

Designed for easy transport so expanding your fleet and getting them to the show site is easy and economical.


IFO’s stackable design means you get to and from your show faster, cheaper, and easier.


IFO is portable as we designed it from the ground up specifically for light shows.

Easy-carry Case

IFO’s Easy-carry Case lets you quickly and easily load and unload saving time and reducing stress.

State-of-the-art technology

UVify’s advanced drone design means your IFO fleet flies for longer than any other swarm lightshow drone on the market.

RTK GPS and redundant communication

IFO has an integrated RTK GPS and redundant communication, which ensures accurate positioning and the ablity to overcome interference.

Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or requests. We’ll respond as soon as possible.