Perception, transformed.

See Draco in action

The award-winning Draco is the fastest production racing drone in the world.
Built to endure the most rigorous flying conditions thanks to its carbon fiber frame.
Repairs and modifications are a snap thanks to a modular design.
Beauty and power fused in a design that achieves maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

Ready to fly

Optimized for extreme aerial cinematography, freestyle flying, and racing, Draco comes flight-ready with powerful features and easy-to-use functionality.

Wire free

Draco’s clean wire-free design is not only elegant but efficient as translates into a stronger drone.

Solder free

Draco’s components were thought out and designed to work together in harmony at maximum efficiency.

Hassle free

Draco is designed to maximize your flying time so that you reach new heights of performance.

Focus on performance.

With Draco’s superior capabilities, technologies, and performance, you have more time to focus on what’s important—competition and flying. Time is valuable, spend yours flying instead of building.

Modular build

Draco gives you versatility and durability. With its swappable modular components, you can easily transform your Draco into other vehicles, like the Draco-4X4 X-Class/Pro-Class drone, the official racing drone for DR1 Racing’s U-Class Series for season 3 in 2019. In addition, you can quickly repair or modify your Draco, keeping you in the air.

Tuned power system

A precisely tuned powertrain enables Draco to cut through 3D space faster than a hot knife through butter, all while staying cool and stylish.


carbon chassis

Designed for maximum impact resistance, so you can fly worry-free. Tested to withstand multiple impacts without cracking or breaking. Twill-weave 4k carbon fiber, good luck damaging it.

Be cool while looking hot.

We designed Draco with a cooling system that enables it stay cool under the most extreme operating environments.

Draco’s specialized cooling system lets you push yourself to the limit when flying.

Draco is the master of the air and channels wind to protect its power.

Wind-tunnel body design optimizes airflow for maximum performance.

Infinitely expandable

Draco was designed with the future in mind. UVify’s modular build ensures that your Draco will benefit from UVify labs such as the 4X4 arm kit, or the upcoming ground vehicle module.

Simply charge battery

Integrated charger and balancer, no need to set up a charger, just plug it into the UVify charge block and it’ll do the rest.

Swappable video system

Same form factor, different tech, completely different experience. Swappable from analog to HD on demand. Full OSD integration gives you the freedom to change settings on the fly.


Zero latency

Modular design

Carbon fiber build

Infinitely expandable

Blisteringly fast

On-screen display


Near zero latency

720p HD video

Modular design

Carbon fiber build

Infinitely expandable

Blisteringly fast


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