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Draco Research

Next generation aerial robotics research platform

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UVify Draco Research

Redefining Aerial Research

The UVify Draco Research is the world’s first aerial research platform of it’s kind. Draco Research turns possible into probable. We continue to push the boundaries of robotics and artificial intelligence with Draco Research.

Draco Research Features

Draco Research comes packed with features and customizability, giving you the power to pioneer new fields of research like never before

Field Oriented Control (FOC) Speed Controller

  • RPM controlled
  • Current, internal resistance,inductance available in real-time on the system by SDK
  • Model-based BLDC sensorless control

NVIDIA Jetson TX1/2 Compatible

  • Tightly integrated NVIDIA Jetson TX1/2
  • Customization service available

Replaceable Propulsion System

  • With switchable propellers and appendages, Draco-Research is easily modified or repaired

Bottom-View Camera and Sonar

  • Bottom-view, high frame rate camera with global shutter
  • Optical flow sensor ensures stability when operating Draco Research indoors

User Interfaces

  • Power sources for external sensors available
  • Real-time video transmission system

Flight Controller

  • Vibration-dampened IMU
  • PX4 is supported with MAVROS interface to embedded computer (Jetson TX1/2)
  • Includes SDK with open-source tools
  • World’s smallest modular flight core and IMU

Intelligent Flight Battery System

  • Power management handled internally – balance connector charging now a relic of the past
  • Voltage, current, and temperature information available on system by SDK

Visual Inertial Stereo Camera

  • Stereo camera with IMU synchronized
  • CROS driver is included
  • USB 3.0, UVC-based camera (no driver is required)

Sensor Mount Option

  • A wide variety of sensors can be installed by using the payload mount bay

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