January 8-11, 2019

Las Vegas Convention Center

Drones and Robot Section LVCC South Hall 2 #25726

What did UVify

unveil at CES 2019?

Light show drone

The drone business is still at the edge of the stratospheric growth phase. And the entertainment and signage businesses are poised for disruptive innovation.

Drones shows were once the purview of a cabal of companies that charge astronomically high prices for their shows, which they run, is now available to you.

Today that has changed. UVify is democratizing the lightshow drone with IFO–the Identified Flying Object.


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Drone Rush – CES 2019

Best Commercial Drone – UVify IFO

With advanced GPS connectivity, a brilliant LED, and the ability to operate in and outdoors, IFO has the power to remain airborne for up to 25 minutes, giving you more power to make the most amazing images in the air.

Drone Rush – CES 2019

Best Racing Drone – UVify Draco-4X4

Built on the award-winning Draco extreme-performance drone, Draco-4X4 is the official Pro-Class / X-Class drone for the 2019 season of DR1 Racing’s U-Class series.

Now everyone who has a Draco or Draco HD has a shot at going pro by simply adding the 4X4 expansion kit.

Armed with 16 motors and an array of super-bright LEDs, Draco-4X4 is incredibly fast and agile. Draco-4X4, the 4X4 expansion kit, and Draco are all available direct from UVify and via select resellers.

The DroneDJ Best of CES Awards 

Best Drone Innovation Award – Draco-4X4

Draco-4X4 was selected by DroneDJ for their Best Drone Innovation Award. After our successful X-class/Pro-class design was used in DR1 Racing’s DHL ad in 2018 we decided it was time to take things up a notch or 12.

Draco-4X4 handily outpowers, outmaneuvers, and outclasses standard X-class/Pro-class four-rotor quadcopters.

Countdown to CES 2020

How long till it begins

CES 2020 takes place from January 7-10, 2020.