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Make Draco your own.

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Our range of Draco accessories help you to customise the look of your Draco as well as enable you to fly for longer. You can view some of our accessories and their features below.

HD Upgrade kit

Easily swappable from analog to HD mode.

Thanks to Draco’s design, you can upgrade your analog Draco to HD at any time by using one of our upgrade kits, meaning you can switch between analog and HD whenever you like.

HD Upgrade Kits coming this August
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UVify Draco HD

Smart battery technology

Batteries without hassle so you can focus on flying

Draco’s Smart Batteries take the hassle out of charging. Using onboard systems, you’ll never overcharge a battery again. See the battery charge status in seconds using the visual indicators and feel safe with discharge protection whilst in the air.

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UVify Draco Smart Batteries

Propeller kits

Add your own color accents with propeller kits

Personalize your Draco with our Propeller kits to add your own unique style and flare to Draco.

Propeller kits coming this August