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A San Francisco-based startup drone company called UVify unveiled a tough-as-nails micro drone called OOri at CES 2018. It is currently considered as the world’s fastest smart racing drone. New pilots can benefit from its ability to hover, which is an unseen feature in other racing drones. OOri can be flown right out of the box thanks to its controller with a built-in screen, but seasoned pilots can pair it with an FPV headset for an immersive racing experience. With its ability to fly fast or stay locked in position, OOri was built simply for everyone.

OOri specs

OOri’s appearance makes it seem like a toy drone, but the palm-sized quadcopter can actually fly faster than any UAV its size. Right out the box, OOri can fly 50 mph, but it can be adjusted to go as fast as 60 mph. It can launch straight from an open hand, and the micro quadcopter can fly both indoors and outdoors. The OOri transmitter is equipped with a 5.8 Ghz analog receiver. It has an adjustable camera so that pilots can change their viewing angle to their preference. OOri also has programmable LEDs, but it can be turned off to maximize flight time. When it flies through a course, the lights can be used to help identify the quadcopter. The 600 mAh battery provides a five minute flight time, and its battery design was built like a DJI Phantom 4’s battery; the OOri features a quick-click smart battery system.

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