A new compact drone from UVify lets anyone control the skies – Digital Trends

UVify is trying to get more people into the world of drones. Their latest product, Oori — which is currently on display at CES 2018 — is thought to be the world’s fastest microdrone and is designed to be simple and fun to use.

Using a system of integrated sensors, Oori can effortlessly hold its position in the sky without the need for human intervention. Its compact design, which can easily fit in the palm of your hands, is the optimal size for racing or for those just trying their hand out at flying.

The San Francisco-based startup also has two other models of drones for more serious enthusiasts: Draco SD and Draco HD. The SD model is intended for professional racers who are looking to add a high-performance drone to their repertoire. It uses real-time video transmission to blaze through the sky and make quick maneuvers.

Draco HD is the more consumer-oriented variant of the drone. Instead of using analog transmission to navigate like the SD does, Draco HD outputs to HDMI, providing sharp, 720p resolution as you’re flying. All the UVify drones are compatible with any first-person view goggles. All they require is the capability to transmit analog video (for the SD) or HD video (for the HD).

The Oori is currently available for pre-order on the UVify website. As a part of a pre-order special, itcosts $289 to get your own miniature drone. After that period ends, they will regularly be priced at $389. The drones are expected to ship before April.

Source: Digital Trends