CES 2018 Drone Awards – Drone Rush

Heading into CES 2018, we heard that this drone racing company had a couple new machines, one of which a mini machine. We admit we went into our meetings with Uvify not expecting much, but by the end, the new Uvify OOri emerged on top.

OOri is a mini quadcopter that doesn’t realize it’s a mini quadcopter. Stabilized flight and other tame flying features make the machine safe for beginning pilots. Fly it as a normal drone, or allow it to grow with you as you delve into the world of drone racing.

We’ve seen micro machines before that call themselves racers, we admit they are fun, but at 10-20 MPH, they hardly qualify in any real way. The Uvify OOri leaves them in the dust, able to take off like a rocket and exceed 50 MPH at the top.

Truth is, we had not intended to bestow a best of show award on any mini machine this year. The Uvify OOri carved its way into our books as we suspect it will carve its way into homes in a couple months when it starts shipping.

Putting our money where our mouth is, we’ve placed our pre-order already, stay tuned for more coverage of the Uvify OOri.

Source: DroneRush