UVify’s Oori is a 60MPH micro drone that leaves others in the dust – Engadget

At last year’s CES, drone newcomer UVify made a splash with its speedy Draco racing quad. So much so, we awarded it the “Best Drone” in the official Best of CES awards. This year, the team is back with a new quadcopter called Oori, and it promises to be just as much fun.

Like Draco before it, the focus here is speed, with the needle topping reaching an impressive 50-plus miles an hour. As a micro-quad, Oori is much smaller than Draco — it’ll fit in the palm of your hand. So, it isn’t meant for the full-blood racing crowd, rather those that want to practice their skills, or even fly indoors.

Oori comes with everything you need to get started: the drone, battery (USB chargeable) and a controller (with a full-color display). There’s a camera on the front which will stream video to the controller or compatible video goggles, so you can fly it from the cockpit’s point of view (much easier, and much much more fun). There are also altitude and downward sensors that make Oori easy to fly for beginners, or just much more stable in the air, even for experienced pilots.

Most drones this size have little in the way of design flourishes, but Oori is peppered with lights that provide feedback (battery life or flying mode for example), and you can change their color to match your mood (or your teammates). You’ll get about six minutes of flight time per charge, which is about average for drones this size.

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