UVify’s Draco drone is fast, furious fun for wannabe racers – Engadget

UVify Draco

Engadget recently reviewed the UVify Draco on their website. Here is a brief snippet from the review:

I’m flying high above the San Francisco Bay, maybe 150 feet in the air. I look down and start gliding toward a dilapidated skate park. Once I’m near the ground, I pull my nose up and look level with the horizon. Spotting two trees, I race toward them, pass between them, then turn on a dime, skirting some shipping containers on my left. It’s like every dream I’ve ever had about flying, but faster.

It’s also not a dream. I take off a pair of video goggles, and I see the shipping containers come into focus, this time directly in front of me, as my eyes adjust to the sunlight. This is my third “first-person-view” flight with the Draco drone, and it’s more exciting every time.

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Photo Credit: Engadget