Team UVify Community Update 2

Welcome to the 2nd installment of the Team UVify Community Update

Pre-order update

We are dispatching our next wave of Draco’s to pre-order customers this week and will be doing this as frequently as possible. As you may remember from last week’s update, some of our pre-orders shipments were delayed due to an issue with our third party who provides our packaging material for Draco. Team UVify believe the issue is now rectified and we will be shipping Draco as and when the revised packaging arrives with us. We should be back to normal levels in the next few weeks, seeing manufacturing and packaging align harmoniously, which will allow us to ramp up the dispatch of orders.

Team UVify appreciate the patience and understanding of our customers – you’ve been great! We know you are all desperate to get your hands on Draco and we are confident that when you do, you will love it. Again, we will continue to keep you informed of the order / dispatch status in the coming weeks until we are back to optimal performance.

Come and see us at MultiGP

If you’ve seen our Events section, you’d of noticed that Team UVify will be attending the MultiGP event this weekend. Andrew will be on-hand to show off Draco and answer any questions you may have. If you are attending, be sure to stop by and say hello. If you cannot make it down to the MultiGP event, be sure to follow us on our social channels to see Draco in action!

That’s it for this weeks Community update. Stay tuned for more information and details in the coming weeks!

Team UVify