Draco is shipping!

UVify Draco Shipping

The team at UVify are pleased to announced that the UVify Draco has begun it’s first batch of shipping. It’s been a while since we’ve provided an update on our blog, so team UVify wanted to share it here first! Draco has come a long way since Winning “Best Drone” of CES 2017. The team have worked hard to improve an already fantastic design. If you saw the press shots from CES 2017, you’d of noticed there were 2 different frames – one for Analog Draco and one for HD. Thanks to the hard work of our engineering team, there is now one chassis for both variants. This means that you will be able to switch Draco from analog to HD by purchasing an upgrade kit rather than paying out for 2 Draco’s – amazing!

Finally, team UVify just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who pre-ordered Draco. The team appreciate you have been patient and are totally confident that you’ll love Draco!

Stay tuned for more news and information!

4 thoughts on “Draco is shipping!

  1. Michael Blair says:

    So happy that you guy’s are finally shipping. I was one of your devoted pre-order customers. I hope this means I will be greeted at my front door by the postman holding my new Draco VERY soon!!!!

  2. emilliano zapatta says:


    I have a Connbex Falcore and a Quad with the Connex HD system, along with a complete ground station. Thoughts ?? I have a GLYPH goggle for HDMI …

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