You can buy this 100 mph drone — try not to hurt anyone – The Verge

The UVify Draco was featured on the Verge during CES coverage. A snippet of the article can be found below.

I traveled to the Aerodrome yesterday for the third annual CES Drone Rodeo. The venue is empty desert next to picturesque mountains, just beyond the restricted air space around Las Vegas. There was a lineup of DJI drones anyone could fly and an augmented reality game that let you dogfight with virtual lasers. But the main attraction was the race course and the new Draco drone from UVify.

In the past if you wanted a racing drone, you had to build it yourself. That meant learning how to solder and program. If your drone broke, as they are prone to do, you had to learn how to make repairs. Draco aims to change all that. It costs $499, and the company says that right out of the box, the Draco drone can hit 100 miles an hour on a straightaway. And it’s made from entirely modular parts, so if you crash, you can easily buy replacements for your broken bits.
“Like trying to walk a cheetah on a leash”

Drone racing has become increasingly popular over the last three years. ESPN struck a deal with the International Drone Racing Association to broadcast the sport on live TV. And the Drone Racing League raised $12 million in venture capital funding to build out its competition. Pilots are quitting their full time jobs and dropping out of college to pursue the dream of being a full-time drone racer.

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